Fun Fact: Will always has coffee available, because without it he becomes VOLTRON.

Nobody thought he could control time and space from a laptop. Nobody was wrong–dead wrong.

“Mom! Dad’s solving the universe again!” — Robert H. R. Herr, just before the explosion.



Fun Fact: While writing The Collective, I was recovering from running over my own foot with a truck.

How to steal power, and keep it, as told by a mouse named Skeeter

Critical Acclaim for The Collective:

“If you consider yourself an independent thinker, The Collective is definitely a must-read.” – review, five stars

“It gave me an entirely different perspective on how a ‘Collective’ feels, thinks and reacts to situations. An excellent book and one I’ve already recommended to others.” — review, five stars

“His introduction of the Laws of Mental Unity, Cognition and Suggestibility, suggest that one who has studied Gustave Le Bon’s work and applies these principles/concepts has a great advantage over the uneducated masses.” — review, five stars

“The correlations he draws can be fairly well observed in the US political system today.” — review, four stars

The Collective was my return to the publishing world. It is an update and expansion of the work of Gustave LeBon, a 19th Century philosopher who paved the way for tyranny on a global scale. Pol Pot gives it five thumbs up! The cover image links to the page, or you can simply search for it online. Other outlets often have better prices. Also available on Kindle.