Fun fact: If you look closely, you can see the ghost of  James Joyce in the background.

There would be friends, and many of them. Most were female. He never lost that appreciation.

“He sang me to sleep, scared me to death, fed me desserts, and nourished my spirit. He is the best man I never had!”
–Adrienne Bingaman, long-time friend and confidant

I count the following as friends, colleagues, and peers. If you like my work, you will likely enjoy theirs, as well. I urge you to visit them, to rustle through their art, and to come away with ink-stained arms. If you would like to be included on this page, I invite you to email me at

Wing’s Daily News:best-shot-blurred Jim Wing is a martial-arts monster who competes on his bicycle, and has an opinionated view of society. Agree or disagree, love or hate, his words are bound to incite response. He also happens, for some unknown reason, to like my work. Go figure.


75b487b307337e4cbdb1907ef7a783acJay Smith
is an author, playwright, and prosaic master. His work evokes the chill of a winter’s calm, and the horror of comprehended death. He is also the producer of H.G. World, and Hidden Harbor Mysteries.


photoSydney Yarnell is a publicist who lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Beyond her personality, which encompasses both determination and joy, she chews nails and spits bullets. She also plays a mean guitar.


1965676_1477991275764399_7286172082915354862_oThe Rivers is a three-man band which plays rolkabilly–equal parts rock, folk, and southern-fried chicken. It is an original sound, an original voice, and one of the bands you most likely will hear about in the coming years. I urge you to give their work a listen. They also play Bat-Mitzvahs.